It’s Time To Go Wireless !

Sensor Wires Chaffed? Freeze Damage? Sensor Not Protected from Environment? Collector Sensor Detached? Shorted Collector Sensor Wiring? Improper Installation? Controller Improperly Programmed? Faulty Controller? Open Collector Sensor Wiring? Collector Sensor Not Properly Installed? Electrical Storms? Power Surge? Sensor Wire Run Not Secured? Wire Insulation Chewed by Pests?

Is your controller packed with features you never use, yet its long, meandering wire connection to the panel sensor on the roof is your #1 cause of faults and service calls ?

Kanitti has the Solution.

DIFT2-W is now available

  • DIFT2 Differential thermostat with a wireless hot water panel temperature sensor
  • “Connect and Forget” – no settings, no configuration, no pushbuttons
  • Fully automatic controller-sensor pairing (Australian patent no. 2013248185)
  • Based on reliable, proven DIFT2 controller
  • 12 years typical battery lifetime (7 years guaranteed)
  • UV-stabilized, IP67-rated waterproof wireless sensor unit
  • No neighbor cross-interference
  • Full 1-year limited warranty
  • Conforms to AS/NZS 4268, AS/NZS CISPR 14.1, SAA Certified (electrical safety)

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